2 How to Play the NICU Game

  • In this game you will play the role of a clinical nurse in the NICU.
  • Consider having pen and paper ready to take notes as the nurse gives you a report.
  • Watch the video scene unfold and consider what you notice from the characters’ cues.
  • During gameplay the video may pause and you will be asked to answer a question by interpreting what you have noticed in a scene and selecting a response.
  • Respond carefully as your choice will affect how the story unfolds.
  • The game only progresses forward, you will not be given the option to go back to change your answer.
  • At the end of the game you will be able to see all of the answers.
  • You can pause the game at any time by clicking the space bar or the video.
  • The high resolution videos in this game are best viewed with a high-speed internet.
  • It will take you about 20-40 minutes to complete the game.
  • Although we will use gendered language in this simulation, this topics discussed apply to anyone who can become pregnant including cisgender women as well as trans men and non-gender binary individuals.
  • The game uses speech to text captions, unfortunately this may lead to occasional typographical errors, use your best clinical judgement to answer each question.

Note:  The following virtual simulation addresses sensitive information that may be triggering for some players. All characters in the simulation are fictional, and the event is not real. If at any time you are unable to continue playing, please take a break or stop immediately. If you continue to feel triggered, please reach out to your faculty or counseling service if you need support.


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