19 Adding a Glossary Entry

Naomi Salmon

Note (November 2018): Pressbooks is coming out with a new Glossary tool very shortly, and it will be more effective than the CM Tooltip plugin we had previously been using. We encourage you to hold off on using the CM tooltip glossary tool in the meanwhile unless you need it for an immediate purpose.

In your Pressbooks dashboard, click on the “CM Tooltip Glossary” menu item on the left-hand side of your screen.

Next, select “new glossary item.”

Enter the term in the title area of your editor.

Finally, enter your definition into the larger editing window. Click “Publish!”

Your glossary terms should automatically appear underlined in your chapter text.


* It is possible to insert images into your glossary text. Simply follow the same steps you would use to upload and insert a photo into a regular chapter or part.


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