7 “Speak the Words” Activities

Naomi Salmon

Activity 1 Materials

Teaching Considerations

  • Students can use this activity to listen to their own pronunciation and improve it.
  • Instructors might ask students to upload their response files to a Canvas dropbox for comment.
  • An instructor might also use this H5P activity embed to invite students to record their own speech and post these files to a student discussion board on Canvas.


Guided Recording

Student instructions: practice your response until you are happy with your recording. Upload your final recording to our Canvas dropbox!

Activity 2 Materials

Teaching Considerations

  • This activity requires instructors to consider a range of potential answer variations in advance. (For instance, a student might respond with either “Hi!” or “Hello!” when asked to record a greeting in English.)
  • At present, the speech recognition algorithm can be unreliable. For instance, it may not recognize some language variations or process accent marks correctly.



“Speak the Words” Self-Test


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