9 Earn a Digital Badge for Annotating the Recommendation

preview of the UNESCO Recommendation on OER digital badge

As an incentive we are offering a verifiable digital badge for those who contribute annotations to the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

The Annotator of the UNESCO Recommendation on OER micro-credential can be added to any collection / platform / backpack that supports the open badge standard.

Badge Criteria

Here is how you can earn the Annotator of the UNESCO Recommendation on OER digital badge:

  • Contribute at least 10 substantive annotations to any of the language versions of the UNESCO OER Recommendation. By substantive, we mean adding a link to a resource, an example, or a provocative question to a specific part of the document.
  • Document your activity with a URL. Log in to your account at https://web.hypothes.is/ and construct a search query for your own annotations on this document. This includes your username and the url parameter:

    user:username url:https://oer.pressbooks.pub/oeg2021/*

    (the asterisk is a wildcard to search only sources and must be oncluded to find all of your annotations.)

  • Get your Evidence Link. Copy the web address for this search that shows the link to your annotation activity. This is your evidence. It should look something like:


    Double check this link to make sure it produces the list of your annotation activity on the UNESCO OER Recommendation.

  • Request your badge via our friendly web form.


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