11 Finding and Referencing OEGlobal 2021 Content

All content, session recordings, and online discussions are available from the open archive of the  OEGlobal 2021 conference space.

Keyword or name search is available from the main conference entry.

An example search shown on the keyword H5P shows results that appear below the search field

Links followed from search results will highlight the keywords.

A sample search for the keyword H5P shows that keyword is highlighted in a search result.

In addition, all conference presentations are available in a table format (using Awesome Table) that can be filtered by keyword, session format, action area, and or language.

A table display of all conference sessions with top search and menu elements to filter/search. The Action area menu is shown, indicating the five areas and how many presentations are linked to it


Finally, see the next chapter for an alphabetical list of  all presentations.

Find By Session Formats

Find By OER Action Area

All conference content has been tagged by OER Action area:

Find By Language

All conference content is also tagged by language.


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