Shinta Hernandez

Question #6: What questions about Open Education are you grappling with?

I’ve always been thinking about these two questions in my head and I continue to grapple with it and I will continue to work tirelessly to help address them. Those questions are: what more can we do to align Open Education with institutional strategic priorities across the United States and what more can we do to build institutional capacity to see that Open Education is a consistent variable in this equation of student success. Let’s focus on student success vision statements, let’s focus on institutional mission statements and institutional strategic plans, let’s focus on diversity equity and inclusion work. What about board of trustees’ support or community involvement? What about hiring talented faculty and staff who have experienced working in this space? What about leveraging other resources? These are just some of the ways that I believe we can address those two questions and can help garner additional support in this work because I’m sure that if we can come close to achieving these things our students will certainly thank us.


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