Tonja R. Conerly

Question #2: How do you see your unique identities intersecting with Open?

I research a lot and I’m going to be one of the many contributing-authors for the OpenStax Intro to Sociology third edition. Research really means a lot to me because, in my field, we have to talk about facts because Sociology is a science. I think people forget that. If I just make a blank statement about somebody without having research and facts to back it up, it’s just gossip.

Probably another one of my unique identities that I am intersecting with Open is that I’m going to be focusing on too is being a Person of Color. I am going to be answering that when we talk about the future of Open. My two unique identities are basically I love to research and I love to update the information to keep our Open textbooks current. My other unique identity is that I am a minority looking to make sure that education is equitable for everyone.


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