1.1 About the book

Features of the book

The book combines the theory and practice of teaching online and contains examples and ideas, drawn from the voices of online educators and online students. Each chapter starts with a section outlining the key literature for the topic, then scenario activities, take-away downloadable resources, online educator videos, H5P interactive activities and participant generated teaching ideas.

Overview of content

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter one sets the scene for the book. It provides an introduction to the book and contextual information about the #Openteach project and the authors biographies.

Chapter 2: What does the literature say about teaching online?

In chapter two, the literature related to teaching online. The chapter explores the literature about online pedagogy, starting off teaching online and the roles and competencies of an online educator.

Chapter 3: The role of presence in online teaching

Chapter three explores the importance of creating and maintaining a presence in online courses.

Chapter 4: Synchronous online teaching

In chapter four, the literature and strategies for synchronous online teaching are explored. Also ways to promote interaction in the synchronous environment are presented.

Chapter 5: Facilitating asynchronous discussion

Chapter five looks at incorporating communication in online courses with discussion forums and best practice for prompting interaction, monitoring engagement and using forums effectively.

Chapter 6: Facilitating collaboration

Chapter six looks at ways to include collaborative opportunities for students to work together asynchronously in online courses.

Chapter 7: Supporting online students

Chapter seven explores how to best support students in online courses, including orientation, engagement and interaction and creating a caring supportive atmosphere.

Chapter 8: Eighteen activities for teaching online

Chapter 8 contains eighteen practical activities for teaching online crowdsources from participants of the first run of the #Openteach course in March 2020.

Chapter 9: Conclusion

Chapter nine brings the book to a close and shares some final thoughts from the authors about supporting the professional learning of online educators.



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