7.2 Educator and student perspectives

“So, at the start I found it a very lonely process, I was very unsure about whether I was doing things correctly or not, so the more I did it, the more I gained experience, to finding it very enjoyable and a very interactive space to work.”

(Educator quoted in Farrell et al., 2019, p. 25)

Educator perspectives

Meet our online educators Ann Whyte, Dr Barry Wheelan and Dr Sinead Eccles from the Open Education Unit (OEU) in DCU.

In this short video, these experienced educators outline how they support online students.

Meet the students

“There’s certain tutors that will ask you, like if we’re going to have our next tutorial what are you struggling with? What do you want me to prioritise?”

“Some tutors just read PowerPoint presentations for 2 hrs, this is very boring”

“Often you get the impression you are annoying the tutor by asking questions”

“In the three modules I studied last year, I was satisfied with tutor-student interaction. Some tutors really nurtured and allowed for group interaction,  encouraging a sense of belonging within the class. They also fostered an environment where questions and queries were welcomed”

(Students quoted in Farrell et al., 2019, pp. 11-16)


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