8. Eighteen activities for teaching online

In this chapter, we present eighteen activity ideas for teaching online crowdsourced from the participants in the first run of the #Openteach course in March 2020. The participants have generously consented to sharing their ideas for activities they have designed for teaching online in this book.

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Overview of activities

The activities are designed for different engagement types: student support, collaboration, synchronous, asynchronous and icebreaker to promote presence at the start of an online course. Each activity gives a full plan so they you can integrate into your teaching practice if you wish.

Activity Presence Supporting online students Collaboration Synchronous Asynchronous
8.1 Icebreaker: 2 minute bio x x
8.2 Icebreaker: 2 truths and a lie x x
8.3 Icebreaker: Leadership images x x
8.4 Icebreaker: Time Travel x x
8.5 Student support: Hanging on through the Midway Blues x x x
8.6 Student support: Icon: I can x x
8.7 Student support: Virtual cafe x x
8.8 Synchronous: The Trolley problem x x
8.9 Synchronous: group concept mapping x x
8.10 Collaboration: Online mind mapping x x
8.11 Collaboration: Web quest Jigsaw x x
8.12 Collaboration: Let’s talk about mental health x x
8.13 Collaboration: Collective creation of course materials x x
8.14 Collaboration: Teaching Values x x
8.15 Collaboration: Virtual ethics committee x x x
8.16 Asynchronous: Teacher reflections on their challenges as Irish Language Teachers x
8.17 Asynchronous: Online role play x x x
8.18 Collaboration: mathematics in everyday life x x x


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