8.14 Collaboration: Teaching Values

Contributor Joerdis Weilandt
Title Teaching Values You can see it implemented here: https://www.opendigped.de/flo-ic/
Aim The participant in our online course can discern which pedagogical aspects they care about in teaching and therefore wish to implement into their online courses
Learning Outcomes After the completion of all three steps in the activity, the participant will have reflected on his/ her/ zer pedagogical choices for online courses and take away a written piece of communication that the can incorporated into the syllabus.
Timing It will take the participant about 2 hours to complete all three steps in the activity.
Activity Description This multiple-step activity will be part of the Module: Working with the Online Learner in an online faculty PD course on online teaching, allowing the participants to interact with each other during the process of articulating their teaching values. Step 1: Participant drag pedagogy cards into appropriate category. Step 2: Participants reflect on choice made in step 1. Step 3: Participants write letter to their online students to become part of the online course syllabus
Tools For this activity, the following things were used: pictures from Public Domain picture repository: svgsilh.comonline picture editor: canva.comself-hosted website: wordpress.orgH5P interactive content creator plugin: h5p.org
Resources pictures of pedagogy cards by Jiscdesignstudiomodel letters to students
Instructions See the instructions for all 3 steps in the H5P I created for this activity here https://www.opendigped.de/flo-ic/
Feedback Instructor Feedback is planned for both Step 2 ( the optional Etherpad entries) and Step 3 The Letter to the Online Student, but will need to be handled in accordance to the nature of the submissions. It will include details from the facilitators’ teaching practice .Since another portion of the Module the above referenced activity is part of relates to proactive and inclusive planning of online courses following principles such as the Universal Design for Learning, the facilitators will refer to some of those principles in the feedback they are giving on the letters to students (for instancing highlighting the importance of considering language, font and font size, text on graphics, tone, voice, colour choice, document formats, descriptions for graphics and visual elements


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