8.9 Synchronous: group concept mapping

Contributor Valesca Lima
Title Concept map
Aim Help students to collaboratively connect concepts in the field of International Relations
Learning Outcomes At the end of the activity, student’s will be able connect new concepts in International Relations to already internalized ideas of governance
Timing This activity will be performed in the last 15 minutes of the class.
Activity Description Students will be given a central concept (i.e. supranational institutions). From that concept, students will connect these concepts to previous concepts studies in the previous class (i.e. governance). The students will graphically map in groups of three how those two topics interconnect.
Tools This activity uses a whiteboard online space and synchronous chat space.
Resources Students will be given background knowledge on how to construct concept maps and their purpose for this activity.
Instructions Think about the concept of supranational institutions. From this word, create branches of interrelated ideas that connects to supranational institutions. In group, discuss what concepts are related and expand the map with new concepts and ideas.  The final map is shared as a picture in the class chat page and also submitted directly to the instructor.
Feedback The instructor will give feedback by commenting on students maps.


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