8.11 Collaboration: Web quest Jigsaw

Contributor Robert Hickey
Title Web quest Jigsaw
Aim To introduce students to the concept of triad working groups, and the power of sharing the workload, with a view to utilising teamwork throughout a module.
Learning Outcomes To complete a small group exercise using Google Docs. Familiarise yourself with the concept of (triad) teamwork. Explore methods of active learning in an online environment
Timing 2 hours
Activity Description Each student is assigned to a triad group via a breakout room in the live lecture. Group members communicate and discuss how to split up and complete their allocated task during the live 2 our lesson. Populating the Google doc as they chat in the breakout room.
Tools VLE for sharing links and documents. One Google Doc for all students to fill in. Live lecture tool such as Zoom or Adobe Connect.
Resources Link to a Google Doc template for all students to populate with their content. Link to the live lesson on Zoom or similar.
Instructions Within your allocated triad group, complete and fill in your assigned section of this class Google Doc. Follow the instructions as outlined in the Google Doc. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rfYLC5oYUfnyZMsrocCGX9-RXKKyFP0N/view?usp=sharing
Feedback Each triad will receive feedback during and after completing their online exercise. The facilitator will keep an eye on the group work by reviewing the live Google Doc during the lesson, and a reflective discussion will take place in the next live lesson.


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