8.12 Collaboration: Lets talk about mental health

Contributor Yohanca Diaz
Title Lets talk about mental health

Aim To collectively reflect on the meaning of Mental Health
Learning Outcomes To practice critical thinking by facilitating an online discussion on Mental Health. To build a “Wellness Toolbox” for students to access when needed.
Timing Mind mapping 15 minutes. Mental health definition and questions 10 minutes. Debate on what works for you to keep positive mental health and collating responses 30 minutes.
Activity Description This synchronous activity will run on the first week of the Mental Health Awareness QQI 6 after introducing ourselves. It will allow students to think about their mental health and what can they do if they are feeling a bit overwhelmed. The “Wellness Toolbox” will contain activities that students identified themselves and can always access them.
Tools Microsoft teams Kialo Edu, Powerpoint, YouTube videos  – How to practice emotional hygiene (follow up video after class).
Resources HSE website for tips on how to promote a positive mental health
Instructions Using Kialo Edu we will explore – is Mental Health a positive or negative term? Students will record their responses.

Responses will be mixed. After the debate on the positive or negative term, the definition of Mental Health will be presented and discussed. For the second part, students should respond to – What do you do to keep a positive mental health / what works for you? Responses will be collated and will be posted in our Moodle for students to access their “Wellness tools” in the “Toolbox” in future.

Feedback The student-generated content on promoting positive mental health will be posted by the facilitator on Moodle, this, in turn, will allow the student to apply this knowledge in real-life scenarios.


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