8.4 Icebreaker: Time Travel

Contributor Tricia Nisbet
Title Time Travel
Aim To break the ice at start of new course in order to build a rapport with both peers and teacher. To encourage a sense of belonging and participation within the class.
Learning Outcomes After completing this activity, the student will: –

Establish interaction with other learners and teacher.

Become more familiar with discussion forums that engage students in the learning process.

Timing 15-20 minutes for students to complete their own task and then comment on other learners’ posts.
Activity Description This asynchronous activity will run for first week of course, allowing students time to familiarise themselves with both the activity and discussion forum in a flexible time frame.
Tools The activity uses the discussion forum tool in the selected VLE.
Resources Welcome video, written instructions, discussion board and netiquette outline which students must agree to before continuing with activity.
Instructions If you had the ability to Time Travel: –
Where would you go?
Which time period?
Is there something or someone you would like to see?
Think creatively and post your answers to the discussion board. After you complete your own make a brief comment on all classmates posts. Remember respond with respect! Have fun!
Feedback Feedback to learners will consist of teacher replying to all student comments on post.  Evaluation can be measured by observing the participation, enjoyment and engagement of students in the activity.


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