3.3 Introducing Eimear

Presence scenario

In this part you will be presented with a scenario that confronts many educators as they move to online classes for the first time. Consider Eimear’s dilemma, how would you respond?

Meet Eimear

Eimear is thirty-three years old and has been working in the Open Education Unit (OEU) of DCU, as an educator for nearly three years. She completed a masters in IT applications about 7 years ago, on a part time basis, while working in IT, in a private firm. The course was mainly delivered face to face, but she did do one module that was partly online.

Eimear tutors both to enhance her CV, and because she enjoys it. Of course, the money helps pay the mortgage!

She never reports any problems with the technology, she sorts them out herself. When she has issues with the VLE, or needs more information on assignments she will consult the Open Education Unit team in DCU.

Eimear has attended some of the Open Education Unit of DCU introductory online sessions, she is always willing to implement any new teaching techniques suggested. But her time is precious.

Eimear’s dilemma

Eimear is moving to fully online classes for the first time. She is concerned about how she will get to know her students without meeting them in person.

Watch Eimear’s dilemma as she considers her first online class.





#Openteach Takeaway Resource

In this part, we looked at presence in online teaching. You can access a downloadable copy of the material here: Presence.



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