8.7 Student support: Virtual cafe

Contributor Trevor Clohessy
Title Bi-Weekly Discussion Café on Microsoft Teams – class size n = 30
Aim To provide students with an open forum to discuss aspects relating to the course such as weekly discussion items or project assignments.
Learning Outcomes Facilitate online communication and discussion between students to engage them in learning. Create a supportive environment where students can use the virtual café as a sounding board and to gain feedback on their understanding of a topic.
Timing 1 hour max
Activity Description The synchronous activity will commence in week 2 of the module and continue on a bi-weekly basis.
Tools Microsoft Teams and Moodle and Polls Plugin
Resources An initial ice breaking session will be conducted in Week 1 of the module to onboard the students to the VLE and nuances of Microsoft Teams.
Instructions Details and instructions on how to use the VLE will also be provided in a video on Moodle.
Feedback The chat, video and polls functionality of Microsoft Teams will be used in order to elicit student feedback.


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