8.13 Collaboration: Collective creation of course materials

Contributor Gennady Egorov
Title Collective creation of course materials
Aim This module is available at the end of the course. Its purpose is to strengthen the text analysis skills acquired in previous modules, to facilitate the search and selection of texts relevant to the proposed topic, and to enable students to engage in academic discussion.
Learning Outcomes By completing this module, students will broaden their awareness of the corpus of texts from the field of study, improve their skills in text analysis and will also be able to use the Moodle database as a tool for orderly collecting material and teamwork.
Timing 2 weeks
Activity Description Students independently search for materials on a given topic and place them in a database, and then comment on each other’s work.
Tools Moodle Database with the comments enabled. Discussion forum.
Resources Throughout the course, students worked with a large number of written sources, which will guide their independent search in books and the Internet. Content description of the topic and principles of search and selection of quotations are given in the course.This module provides a forum to discuss issues and ideas that have emerged in the search for materials. Activity in the forum is optional and not assessed.
Instructions To receive a grade on a topic, each student must place at least one self-finding quote with a total length of 1 to 3 thousand characters in the database. The database entry should contain the source, the quote itself, a link to the source on the Internet, if any, and a comment. In the comment, the student should explain why this quote was chosen and what ideas important for the course it illustrates. After creating the entry, a student can see the quotes posted by other participants.  The authorship of the recordings is hidden from students. Each student should comment on any two entries by either acknowledging or disputing the proposal to include them in the course materials.
Feedback After the work is done, the teacher gives a comment to each entry. A general overview of the group’s work is to be given on the forum.



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