8.2 Icebreaker: 2 truths and a lie

Contributor Nataliya Romanyatova
Title  Famous Managers-2 Truths a lie game
Context A business English module
Aims To brainstorm on the famous managers and their biographies. Continue creating a supportive community of autonomous learners.
Learning Outcomes Facilitate online communication and discussion forums to engage students in learning about famous managers, their lives and creating audio artefacts. Create a supportive community of autonomous learners using digital pedagogy.
Timing Approximately 30 minutes
Activity Description It is one of the asynchronous warm-up activities that will run for the first week of a new Module, allowing students to continue building their knowledge and vocabulary of the Business English and develop a learning community.
Tools Moodle discussion forum tool
Resources A model answer for the 2 Truths + a lie game.·
A resource which outlines the netiquette of posting on forums in the course.
Teacher online video tutorial for making audio posts via Moodle VLE.
Reading and video material about famous managers.
Instructions Which of the five famous managers do you find the most interesting and impressive, Akio Morita, Jack Welch, Steve Jobs, Meg Whitman or Carlos Ghosn? Choose one of them or any famous manager of your choice and post an audio riddle. In your riddle tell three interesting facts about the manager you chose. Two of your facts should be true and one not. Don’t tell or write the name of your manager. Listen to two other audio posts and reply by answering which fact was not true. At the end of this activity when everyone in the group posted their responses, comment on the replies to your riddle and write  the names of the students who guessed right.
Feedback The course facilitator will give individual written/audio and whole group video feedback by replying to students’ posts on the Moodle forum following a high touch approach.


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