8.10 Collaboration: Online mind mapping

Contributor Orla O’Grady Amet
Title Mind map on the Elements of Graphic Design
Aim To allow learners the opportunity to collectively reflect on their learning in relation to the elements of graphic design (previous series of classes), using word and image
Learning Outcomes To discuss the elements of graphic design, with reference to relevant examples.
Timing 30 minutes
Activity Description This is an asynchronous activity. It is a task given during a set of 9 classes, which  each have looked in detail at an element of Graphic Design.
Tools https://www.mindmup.com/   A mind map created by the tutor on the above website. Link will be given to learners to access the mind map.
Resources Slides from each week’s class, including hyperlinks to relevant Youtube videos. Freestock image websites, behance.com. Support document on referencing. Support document on netiquette in relation to posting and taking part in the course online.
Instructions Following each of the first 8 classes of the elements of graphic design, you are asked to add an image of a piece of graphic design to the Mindmup and add a comment about it in relation to the element spoken about each week. Use the Mindmup as an opportunity to explore the element. Look for examples where that element is used effectively/ineffectively. Let us know why you think this too. Please reference your chosen image.
Feedback This Mindmup will be looked at as a group in the final class. Students will be encouraged to choose one image that stands out to them and say why it stand out for them. Following this, overall feedback will be given by the tutor to the group.


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