4.4 Mícheál’s dilemma

In this part you will be presented with a scenario related to synchronous online teaching, called Mícheál’s dilemma. Take a moment to read about Mícheál, then watch the video below to find out more about his dilemma and consider possible solutions.

Meet Mícheál

Mícheál has been working in the Open Education Unit in DCU, as an online educator, for more than 10 years. He teaches in a couple of different institutions, as well as carrying out research work in his discipline, History.



Mícheál is invested in teaching, he really loves it. He gets involved in both the writing and tutoring in the Open Education Unit modules.

Educational Background

Mícheál completed a PhD in History and is very knowledgeable in his field. While he initially worked in the public sector, he also has extensive academic experience.

Technical Skills

Mícheál found the move to online challenging, particularly the use of the technology. When he has issues with the technology, he generally seeks help.

Pedagogical Outlook

Mícheál is willing to implement any new techniques suggested, but he may need some help.

Mícheál’s dilemma

Mícheál ran breakout sessions last week in his online classroom. It didn’t work out quite as he expected.

Watch Mícheál’s dilemma unfold in the video below, and then consider what you would do if you were Mícheál.


What do you think Mícheál should do?




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