8.17 Asynchronous: Online role play

Contributor Samantha Trevaskis
Title Online Discussion of Theories through virtual role play
Aim For the students to engage with psychological theories. To encourage critiquing and deep diving into the merits. To introduce a bit of fun.
Learning Outcomes Increase critical knowledge of two fundamental theories in psychology.  Encourage use of discussion forums, and help students become more comfortable in the environment. Introduce the student to academic skills such as referencing and concise writing. Introduce students to navigating the virtual resources supplied by the college. Introductory class with each group will provide a small group opportunity to assess students technology literacy
Timing An hour and a half a week for 6 weeks.
Activity Description Aimed to be implemented in an introductory psychology course for the students first year in a degree program online. To be run in the first 6 weeks of the semester. Students will have a week to read up on the theories. They will then be split into smaller groups (max. 5 people). First, they will be asked to each produce an introductory post outlining one area of the theory. Next, each group will be split into pro and anti of the theorist (e.g. Freud). They will be asked to post at least once a week for 4 weeks. In the final week, they should produce a summary paragraph of the main points of the discussion.
Tools Textbook, discussion forum, Academic journals, computer, web cam, earphones, mic, video conferencing software
Resources College library, textbook, tutorial/lecture notes, internet
Instructions This task will be conducted over the first six weeks of term. You will be assigned to a group with up to four other students. These groups will be communicated to you by your ‘educator’.You will be invited to take part in a group specific class where you will discuss the task and the assign aspect of the theory which you will have to write about in the forum. The next three posts will consist of you either arguing for or against the theorist. Each post should be no more then 200 words. You will need to critically assess the theory and provide evidence to support why you think it is a useful or not so useful theory. During the final week, you will produce a 300 word summary of the main points in the discussion. You can choose to either agree or disagree with the theory in this final post, as you may be swayed by the arguments your group have presented.(A further calendar will be provided, as well as a forum in order to discuss any issues)
Feedback Written individual Feedback will be provided to each student, focusing on referencing, concise writing, formatting and critical thinking within their arguments. This task will form 10% of their grade for this class.


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