8.3 Icebreaker: Leadership images

Contributor Paul McGuckin
Title What is Leadership? Share an image that you feel is a good representation of leadership.
Aim This is an introductory icebreaker at the start of a leadership module.  This performs the dual tasks of asking the students to explain what leadership means to them and also aims to build an online community within the class cohort.
Learning Outcomes Facilitate students in the use of discussion forums to share and discuss ideas.
Timing 30 minutes
Activity Description Asynchronous activity which will take place early in the module – immediately after module and tutor introductions and general housekeeping. Students will post a thread to the discussion forum and comment on at least two other posts by classmates. Gives students the opportunity to interact.
Tools Discussion forum on VLE
Resources A resource about creative commons license. Students will also be provided links to sources of creative commons licensed images – for Unsplash.com. A model answer will be posted to the discussion forum.
Instructions Find an image that represents leadership. Share this image on a new thread on the forum: What is Leadership- Icebreaker Discussion. Explain why you chose this image. Comment on at least two other images that have been posted by other students. If you are one of the first people to post your image – return to this activity later in the week and be sure to comment on other people’s contributions.
Feedback The module facilitator will monitor the discussion forum contributions. Commenting on student interactions and following up directly by email with non-engagers.


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