8.1 Icebreaker: 2 minute bio

Contributor Carrie Archer
Title Icebreaker: 2 minute bio
Aim To break the ice and build teacher and student presence.
Learning Outcomes Facilitate opportunities to engage learners using multiple means of engagement, representation and action and expression.
Timing 10 mins
Activity Description Teacher will post a 2 min bio style introduction of themselves 1 week in advance of first online class, Students can respond using any format: Video, text, audio, images.
Tools Moodle Discussion forum; YouTube or Vimeo (if student response is longer that 2 mins allowance in Moodle forum); audio tools in Moodle
Resources Moodle; internet access; model video uploaded by facilitator
Instructions Watch the bio video of the facilitator. Respond to the video by posting your own mini biography (2 mins long or 150 words max). Follow the prompts provided in the video and include: Your context; what you’ve enjoyed about the course so far; what you hope to learn in this module; 1 fun fact about yourself. Respond in whatever format you choose (audio, written, comic strip, video, images, emoticons)Respond to posts by other participants on the course using any media you choose
Feedback Facilitator will respond to all posts in a timely manner and encourage others to do the same and to engage in conversation. Informal and conversational approach to model tone of the course and expected interactions.


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