Writing a book takes a community, many people contributed to the creation of the #Openteach book, we would like to thank them for their efforts and contribution to this project.

  • A special thanks to Professor Mark Brown from the NIDL at DCU for writing the foreword.
  • Thanks to the book design team: Matthew Waters, Cliona Olohan, Aodan Farrelly, Aleksandra Shornikova from the Digital Learning Design Unit at DCU for their support with the technical and visual design.
  • Thank you to the #Openteach course participants who contributed their activity ideas to the book: Carrie Archer, Nataliya Romanyatova, Paul McGuckin, Tricia Nisbet, Prajakta Parag Girme, Denis Bates, Trevor Clohessy, Isabelle Courtney, Valesca Lima, Orla O’Grady Amet, Robert Hickey, Yohanca Diaz, Gennady Egorov, Joerdis Weilandt, Moira Maguire, Ailín Ní Chonchúir, Samantha Trevaskis, Andrea McCallion.
  • Many thanks to Dr. Tom Farrelly from MTU for acting as our peer reviewer.
  • Finally, a big thanks to the #Openteach project team, all of the #Openteach course participants and wider community.



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