8.6 Student support: Icon: I can

Contributor Denis Bates
Title Icon: I can
Aim To enable students to familiarise themselves with the features and functions, specifically the menu icons, of the VLE (e.g. Zoom) so they can be self-reliant.
Learning Outcomes Students will be familiar with Zoom

Students will be familiar with icons relating to core functions and most additional functions of Zoom

Students will understand how to troubleshoot common problems encountered in Zoom using relevant icons

Timing Initial mentor led tutorial session of 50 minutes

Then 5 days  for student self-learning before the next session

Activity Description This activity will combine a synchronous mentor led training session followed by an asynchronous student self-learning period.

By means of a scenario, students will be guided through a hands-on experience of the icons for features and functions of the VLE

Students will be assigned simple tasks and short scenarios during the first session and the week to follow

Towards the end of the session, students will use the breakout room function to discuss the potential of the video conferencing platform,  troubleshoot problems and compile feedback through an agreed rapporteur.

Tools Zoom

help files; tutorials on YouTube

Mentor provided task sheets with a checklist of icon related tasks for completion

Resources VLE  help files and YouTube resources

Mentor available by email or Zoom messaging

Instructions You are required to participate in the initial online Zoom training session.

You are expected to attend for the full session, to participate actively and to contribute to the activity as provided.

Collaborating with fellow students in assigned breakout rooms, you will complete a task, elect a rapporteur and compile a brief summary of outcomes to be submitted via the whiteboard

Collaborating with fellow students, you will then conduct at least two self-organised Zoom sessions during the 5 days between the first and second online mentor led sessions.

Please contact the mentor by email or via the link on the VLE portal if you want to comment or request assistance.

You will receive a reply within 24 hours of your message being sent.


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