8.16 Asynchronous: Teacher reflections on their challenges as Irish Language Teachers


Contributor Ailín Ní Chonchúir
Title Teacher reflections on their challenges as Irish Language Teachers.
Aim To allow teachers at the start of a course to reflect on their main challenges.
Learning Outcomes Setting the Scene: This is the first section of the first module in a teacher training course on how to teach languages. The target group are teaching Irish in adult and community settings but have not had an opportunity before to learn about teaching languages and may not have any formal teaching qualification. This first module is called The Language Teacher and it is divided in 6 sections (i) my challenges (ii) my training needs (iii) beliefs and traits in language teaching (iv) role of language teacher (v) methods.The activity in this assignment is the activity cycle pertaining to the first section – ‘My Challenges’. Outcomes: Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the challenges they have in their settings as Irish language teachers, they will share those challenges with co-participants and have an opportunity to collaborate with others on their main challenge.
Timing 30 minutes
Activity Description Course participants will view videos as a pre-task aid to reflection. They will then access a Padlet with challenges that have been documented by other teachers. They will watch a screencast of the tutor making practical suggestions about those challenges. They will then reflect on their own challenges and write a 600-word reflection (or audio / video reflection). Finally, they will be able to collaborate with others through sharing their challenge on a Padlet wall and commenting on other participants’ challenges and make suggestions.
Tools Moodle site – Moodle book, 2 pre-recorded videos of other teachers sharing their experience, 1 excerpt from fictional film,Screencast-o-matic, Padlet
Resources Videos (2 videos of teachers sharing their experience)1 excerpt from fictional film, Screencast
Instructions These are the steps in the activity cycle:

  1. Watch 2 short videos of teachers talking about their challenges with teaching Irish.
  2. Watch a short fictional excerpt from a film in which an Irish language teacher is having a negative experience.
  3. Reflect on a set of questions as they watch the videos.
  4. Access a Padlet wall which contains other teachers’ records of their challenges.
  5. Watch a short Screencast of the tutor navigating the Padlet giving suggestions as to how to tackle those challenges practically.
  6. Submit a short written or audio/video of their own main challenge after having made a list of their challenges. They will be encouraged to reflect on the list as the course progresses.
  7. Access a blank padlet which is designed for them to write up their own challenges and get suggestions and feedback from other participants.
  8. Receive feedback from the tutor on their submitted assignment.
Feedback Participants will receive feedback on the written / audio / video piece from the tutor. They will also get feedback and suggestions from other participants through the Padlet wall.


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