8.8 Synchronous: The Trolley problem


Contributor   Isabelle Courtney
Title  The Trolley problem breakout activity
Aim  To maintain social presence and facilitate collaborative learning by introducing students to the breakout room.
Learning Outcomes Students will be able to: Collaborate with a smaller group of classmates in an online environment. Use the whiteboard feature to annotate group discussion points. Present the main findings of their group session to the entire  class.
Timing  The activity will take 40 mins total:

2 mins video tutorial on joining the breakout room and using the whiteboard function

20 mins breakout room discussion

10 mins present and discuss with entire class

8 mins to post 200 words on the VLE discussion board

Activity Description This synchronous activity will take place early in the module (second  lecture) it will build on any icebreaker activities and will allow students  time to get used to using the breakout room and collaborative  whiteboard function.
Tools  Zoom/Zoom breakout rooms & collaborative whiteboard Discussion board of VLE
Resources A video tutorial on how to use whiteboard in breakout roomhttps://blogs.otago.ac.nz/zoom/breakout-sessions/how-to-use-a whiteboard-in-a-breakout-room/The Trolley Problem link shown prior to the session


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